Theoretical Physics

Faculty: Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Department(s): Physics
Course: Theoretical Methods in Physics
Weekly hours: Theory: 2 Exercises: 2
ECTS Credits: 5
Semester: Fall

Lecture Schedules:
Saturday: 10:00-13:00

Lecturer: Dr. Hiqmet Kamberaj
Room Number: 409
Phone Number of the lecturer: +389 (0)23174010 (ext. 123)
E-mail address of the lecturer: km.ude.ubi|jarebmakh#km.ude.ubi|jarebmakh

Course Objectives:

The aim of the course is to give an introduction to Theoretical Methods in Physics for students of physics at senior and first-year graduate-level. In this course students will learn about principles of Classical Mechanics, Classical Thermodynamics, Statistical Mechanics, Microscopic Theory of Biological Systems, and Molecular Dynamics Methods in Statistical Physics.

Available topics for Master Diploma Thesis

  • Dynamics and Structure of Macromolecular Systems in explicit solvents.
  • Free energy calculations.
  • Developing Molecular Dynamics Methods for enhancing conformational sampling.
  • Enhancement of Transition Path Sampling using Biased Potential Energy Functions.
  • Other topics are available upon request.
Skill outcomes Necessary ( + ) Not Necessary ( –)
Written communication skills +
Oral communication skills +
Computer skills +
Working in laboratory +
Working team +
Preparing projects +
Knowledge of foreign language +
Scientific and professional literature analysis +
Problem solving skills +
Management skills +
Presentation skills +

Course Textbooks:

  1. H. Kamberaj, Molecular Dynamics Simulations in Statistical Physics. Theory and Applications, 2016.
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