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International Balkan University

Office hours for Consultations with Students - Avtokomanda, classroom 409

Days Hours
Monday 09:00-11:00
Friday 13:30-15:30


International Balkan University is organizing Summer Schools, which is a five (5) weeks program related to the courses delivered at International Balkan University. The main target are students at the graduation position, or students that have failed courses from the first year, but not limited as long as the number of registered students will be at least ten (10). The students registering and passing the summer school courses will earn ECTS corresponding to the courses that they have registered, as such the following rules apply:

  1. Attendance is obligatory (72 %)
  2. Midterm Exam (40 %)
  3. Activity Points (20 %)
  4. Final Exam (40 %) (or Makeup Exam (40 %))
  5. Upgrade Exam (80 %)
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