ELSE Project

I am glad to inform that International Balkan University is a partner of the European Project Erasmus+ KA203 Project ELSE (2018-2021).


Staff Involved in the Project:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Violeta Madzova has about 30 years working experience in both, public and business administration, while recent 8 years she has been developing her academic career in several Universities and academic institutions in the Republic of Macedonia and abroad. Currently, she is an associate professor at International Balkan University-Skopje (Faculty of economics and administrative sciences) and she is the author of over 50 scientific papers, books, and textbooks and was a leading person in preparing and evaluation of several undergraduate programs as well as one master program at the University level. During her career she has worked as international expert and trainer in dozen EU and other international donor’s projects, preparing training curricula and providing training and training needs assessments in the different area, at both national and local level.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Snezana Bilic worked more than 15 years for EC DG Education and Culture on the reforms of the higher education system in the Republic of Macedonian and Western Balkan Countries according to Bologna Principles, as a coordinator of the Tempus program. Also, she worked as a Higher Education Reform Expert and was a trainer in this area for Bosnian and Hercegovina, Azerbaijan and Georgia. She published several scientific articles related to the Bologna reform process and participated in numerous international conferences and international projects in this area. Currently, she is Erasmus + institutional coordinator and dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hiqmet Kamberaj is Acting Dean at the Faculty of Engineering and Rector’s advisor for Research & Project Proposals (2015-2017) at the International Balkan University. He has been involved in teaching undergraduate and graduate students for eight years (at International Balkan University: 2009-present at the undergraduate level, 2015-present at graduate Master level; at State University of Tetovo: 2011-2014 at the undergraduate level, and 2014-present at graduate Master level.) He also has experience on analyzing teaching student evaluation surveys, where he developed his own Student Evaluation software in Access Database to save and analyze the data at the International Balkan University, acting as the President of Student Evaluation Committee, since 2012. He has been involved in several promoting activities of the International Balkan University, and at the moment he is the coordinator of Computer Engineering third cycle curriculum at the International Balkan University. He has supervised several final year diploma projects, which include Student Information System Design using Visual Studio and University Management System using web-based databases.

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